I encourage you to come and see the home that you could be living in.

I promise you it won’t be what you expect out of a maternity home! It is a beautiful spacious home located in a safe, and peaceful neighborhood. Our hope for you during your stay in the home is to fulfill all of the dreams you had prior to becoming pregnant. All of your living expenses and the adoption fees will be taken care of so you just get to concentrate on becoming the best version of yourself! We have both an incredible attorney and adoption facilitator with whom we work closely. One of these two women will walk you through the adoption process, present profiles to you so you can pick the perfect parents for your child. If you are already matched with a couple or working with an adoption profile that is great too!

Once you get to the home we will begin working on what we call your exit strategy. This is to set you up for success. We ask that you work, be in school, or volunteer for 20 hours a week. Our amazing team of volunteers provides all sorts of life classes from financial literacy to cooking. What I love most about the home is the way the girls form a sisterhood. In no other setting do you get to live with other women who are going through the same thing as you! Of course your struggles, and backgrounds are different but I have witnessed incredible bonds from all of the girls as they unite over this beautiful decision.
Once you place your baby, we encourage you to stay in the home for 8 weeks. This time of healing is crucial and we want you to do it in a peaceful, loving and understanding environment.

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