This is a safe place for women to come and heal.

Heal from failed relationships, abortions, addiction, domestic violence, and all of the toxins of our society. There are so many resources offered at the home. Once a girl arrives we work on getting to know her, her needs, and her goals. To back this up we offer a great variety of healing resources to include counseling, art therapy, cooking classes, mentorship, and spiritual advisement. Just being in the house surrounded by loving, healthy influences and girls who are on the same path is healing.  Anything a girl is facing we can take on together.

It is very important that the women who come and live at Lamb of God know that their past does not need to depict their future.

Living in the home is not only an opportunity for their child to have a wonderful life but for the girl to change her life around. We have marveled at the blessings our birth moms have received through their selfless decision. We show her what her future can look like by placing her with positive people who can relate to her circumstance, utilizing our supportive community to show a girl all of the options she has moving forward. We work on dream boards with the girls and create an exit strategy soon after they move. This alone shows a birth mom what a healthy future looks like and they are immediately relieved. Being at Lamb of God takes them from a hopeless situation and helps them see their future. One of our Lamb of God alumni was recently asked if she felt a great loss from “losing” her baby. She got out of her seat and with great confidence and a telling grin on her face said, “loss? I didn’t lose anything I gained a family.” This is how a birth mother feels a year later. She came from a horrific past, now cares for her other two children, and has a steady and rewarding job. Witnessing things like this is proof that there is great hope in adoption.

We care for the women who come to Lamb of God with unconditional love and compassion. 

An environment has been created where every single person involved in the home understands, respects, and supports the decision a birth mother makes. It is a unique environment where each girl gets to inspire and be inspired by her housemates. They share their emotions with people who can truly understand what they are going through.  A woman in crisis pregnancy gets to come here as she is. Whatever she has faced in her life or burdens she carries, we want her to know there is nothing that can’t be forgiven and healed.