There is a strong need to offer housing to women in crisis…

Due to rampant abortion and unwed pregnancy appearing to have shed it’s stigma in modern society, maternity homes had all but disappeared in the United States over the past 40 years. However, with the stalwart pro-life movement creating a surge in sidewalk counseling and pregnancy resource centers, it has become apparent that there is a strong need to offer housing to women in crisis….

Research indicated there were no maternity homes at all in San Diego County, let alone one specifically established to provide support for birthmothers who have chosen adoption for their babies. In fact there are only a handful of maternity homes in all of Southern California and only a couple adoption-specific maternity homes in the entire country. In order to uphold the decision to place for adoption, it is important to separate the birthmothers from girls taking the parenting path, and to surround them with people who understand and support their decision.

Although Lamb of God Maternity Home is located in North County San Diego, birthmothers have come from as far away as Tennessee and Cancun, Mexico. The long-term vision is to become the model and pilot program to be duplicated in cities around the country. If you are interested in opening Lamb of God in your city, please inquire about our Affiliate Program.