The Sidewalk Chronicles

Wow what an honor it is to be featured in such an incredible film! We had the privilege to be asked by Nathan Leon (Producer of The Sidewalk Chronicles) if he could film our staff and birthmothers. The project was underway when he heard about our founder’s story of adoption coming full circle, which in turn led Nathan to the ministry inspired by her story. Even Nathan didn’t know at the time that he would put such a big focus on adoption in the film. As he heard the stories he was taken by the girls courage, selfless love, and joy. He knew in those moments that he had to portray a chronicle of hope through stories of adoption. The success stories of five Lamb of God birthmothers are chronicled in the film, as well as interviews with one of our board members and our program director. To purchase your own copy of this incredible film visit their website (Click Here), or click one of these links to watch it: