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Lamb of God Maternity Home – First Year at a Glance

Since we opened the Lamb of God in 2013, our blessings have been abundant with the ever increasing birth of beautiful and healthy babies, all of whom have been placed in the loving arms of their adoptive couples!

Caring for birth mothers who are making the courageous choice to not only choose life, but a life for their babies through adoption, has been an incredible honor to all involved in making this home thrive. We have learned a great deal in this first year. Some valuable lessons include understanding that the birth moms we care for come from all walks of life, teaching us that these girls who find themselves in crisis pregnancies can be our friends, sisters, daughters, co-workers, or the girl next door. Through this we have gained a greater understanding of outreach, a need to train crisis pregnancy counselors at pregnancy resource centers, be a presence in schools, hospitals, attorney offices, abortion clinics, and anywhere we may be able to share this gift with a girl who needs real choices and a positive solution to her unplanned pregnancy. At the Lamb of God we work intimately with each girl. We meet her exactly where she is, gain a great understanding of her needs, wants, dreams, fears, insecurities, and we provide for her accordingly. Once we do this, it is incredible to watch girls thrive, come alive, find their voice, gain independence, life skills and most importantly, grow in their relationship with God.

It is important to know that almost all of our girls were abortion intent once they found out they were pregnant. This was not because they liked the idea of having an abortion but because they felt that they had no other option. Parenting felt just as daunting as having an abortion and they didn’t feel that they were ready for such an important job. When a girl learns that she has another option – and can place her baby with a family she chooses, there is relief and actually joy. It is the answer to many girls’ prayers. However, when sharing their decision with family and friends, they are often faced with hostility and a total lack of understanding that they are putting their baby’s needs first. They begin to feel isolated, physically, financially, and emotionally unable to care for themselves and their growing baby throughout the pregnancy. Girls also express concerns about working with attorneys, social workers, and the process of selecting a couple. It is a powerful tool to be able to offer a girl discerning adoption a safe, loving, nurturing and supportive environment during her pregnancy, and for an 8 week period after the birth.

Here at Lamb of God, a birth mother is cared for completely. Their bodies and minds are fed healthy foods and thoughts, and their hearts and souls are nourished with professional counseling and spiritual direction. It is a joy to watch as the girls bond over their decisions, empower each other, relate, and build lasting friendships built on trust and love.

Here is testimony from one of our girls in the home, it explains better than we ever could, the results of Lamb of God.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I had just turned 22 and was battling alcoholism and depression. I had no hope for my future and considered having an abortion. It was a blessing from God that one of my friends told me about open adoption. It took a few days to make up my mind. I decided that I would place my baby for adoption and started working a program of recovery. I knew that I was not ready to parent, but became determined to be the best role model for my son. My dad kicked me out of the house for being pregnant and I had to trust that God had a plan for me. My mom heard a segment with Grace Dulaney on Catholic radio, and told me about the Lamb of God Maternity Home. I called and Sarah Saccone invited me for a visit. The quiet neighborhood and friendly people immediately brought on a sense of safety and peace. It felt like home.

Living at the Lamb of God Maternity Home is an amazing gift. I am continuously shown love, encouragement, and support. I feel like my journey, my growth, and my true self is celebrated in the most beautiful way. I am proud to say my son, Brady Matthew, was born January 29, 2014. He is the greatest miracle to me. By choosing life for Brady, I was gifted with a life greater than I could have ever hoped for. I am realizing my true potential as a strong, radiant woman. My dream is to help other women find their strength and light as I pursue a career as a labor and birth doula. I would especially like to support other birthmoms on their journey”. Lauren

One of our favorite success stories in a girl who came here from the South, had two children both who she had lost custody of, but loved very much. She wanted a better life for this child. She got sober, we earned her trust, and she picked an amazing adoptive couple. I was with her in the hospital and she was holding her baby in her arms and she told me that this is the first time she has felt like a good parent. In her previous births, CPS was waiting at her door, family and friends full of anger and judgment. In this setting, her adoptive couple was out getting her a much needed first cup of coffee. I was there beaming with pride, as her “sisters” in the home had all come and showered her with love and gifts and she was able to relish the moment. She told me that for the first time she wasn’t worried about how she would provide, and what kind of life her child would have, or if the father would take any responsibility. She knew with 100% certainty that her child would grow up with a mother and father who wanted more than anything to parent a child, and that she would be able to concentrate on her life and be a good role model for her newborn son, who would always know that she made the most selfless and loving choice to provide him with the life he deserves.

In this past year we have had a presence at many events and hosted some in our home. Two highlights were hosting an evening with directors and staff of all San Diego PRC’s (Pregnancy Resource Centers). We also were thrilled to recently host all of the pro-life coordinators from parishes in San Diego for a lovely concert, tour of the home, and informative evening at Lamb of God to see firsthand the valuable resources we offer. The ministry and home have been warmly received and enthusiastically embraced by the community as a missing link in the services offered to young women in crisis. Pro-life advocates in several other cities in other states are in various stages of establishing similar homes, duplicating our model and encouraged by our mentorship.